Affordable Custom Made Video Creations 

Video creation is my passion. Let me use that passion to help you promote yours.  If you are a business owner, author, musician, artist or anyone else who could use help getting your work noticed, let's talk. 

 Why Hire Me To Create A Promotional Video For You?

  • Internet video has become a very important tool for engaging potential customers and clients
  • A video on your site will help it rank higher in the major search engines like Google and Yahoo
  • It provides a much stronger emotional reaction than still photos or the printed word
  • Video advertising is a great value when compared to other forms of promotion
  • Your video will belong to you - it will stay on your website, Google Places listing, YouTube, etc.
  • For the cost of 1 print ad you can have a video that will keep working for you

Why Hire Me To Shoot Your Special Event?

  • I'm affordable and use professional equipment, as opposed to your buddy and his handycam
  • If you shoot it yourself, you'll be stuck behind the camera and not fully involved in the event
  • Time is valuable, let me shoot and edit everything together